What do you get?

Don't waste your time

You probably spend hours each day just to browse for car ads. Now you don't have to. Use our software to do it for you. All you have to do is to wait for a notification on your smartphone.

Get the information fast

Our software checks for new car ads every 30 seconds on each classifieds website that we support. That means that when a new ad appears you will know about it in 30 seconds or less.

Relevant information only

You will be notified only if the car specifications match, what we call a Filter. A Filter is basically a set of criteria that you decide yourself. Things like make, model, fuel, year and price.


Classifieds websites supported

Our software can be used on more than 40 classifieds websites spread over 20 European countries. You can find a complete list HERE. Your website is not on that list? Just request it!

Simple. Powerful.

Only select websites you want to use

Since we are certain that you won't use every classifieds website that we can offer, you can select only those you would want to use. Once you select a website it will be then activated for you to use it. If you decide you don't want to use it anymore, you can simply deactivate it.

Define your set of criteria

After you activated a website to use, you can add Filters to it. A Filter is a set of criteria that you define. Each ad that is processed from classifieds website we compare against your filters. If criteria matches then you will receive a notification about that particular ad. A Filter can be defined with make, model, fuel, year and price. If you set a filter to be Mazda, 2, Diesel, 2010 with price 5500, then you will be notified about every car that is Mazda 2, Diesel, year 2010 with price being equal or lower to the set price. And yeah, once you set all your filters, you just seat back, relax and wait for the great deal to appear!

Add, modify, delete

Every filter that you've added is shown inside a nice, formatted table where you can sort them, modify them, remove them if you need to and also copy them. We give you as much flexibility as we can.

List of all classifieds websites we support