How to get started

Here is the overview of steps you have to complete once you've decided to start using AdSignal and start monitoring ads on classified websites.

1) Registration
2) Activate classifieds website you want us to monitor for you
3) Add Filters to that website
4) Download Pushover to start receiving push notifications

Here are few steps you might need later on:

5) Upgrade your plan
6) Validate VAT ID

1) Registration

If you still don't have an account at AdSignal, you can get it HERE

Once you do have it, you will able to login to AdSignal Dashboard. When you visit it for the first time it will look something like this:

You can also info message instructing you on what to do next.

Just a quick hint. Don't use "back arrow" in your browser to navigate the website. Instead we recommend that you use the buttons like "Home" on the left upper side to get to the home section of the Dashboard and "Done", "Cancel", "Manage websites", "Finish" buttons on the right upper side of the Dashboard.

2) Activate classified websites


None of the classified websites that we support is activated automatically on your account. You get to pick which classified websites you want out software to monitor. Note that the number of classified websites you can use at the same is limited based on the Plan you are subscribed to.

To manage classified websites you want to monitor just click on "Manage Websites" button and activate those that you want simply by click on them. When you are finished just click the button "Done".

You will be able to see the list of your websites in the home section of the Dashboard.

3) Adding filters

Once you have picked your classified websites, you can add filters to them. If you still don't know what a Filter is, let's repeat.

For every classifieds website you want to monitor, you can define filters. A Filter is basically a set of criteria that you define. For each filter you can define properties like make, model, fuel, year and price. If a car ad matches these criteria you will immediately receive a push notification with the link to that ad and it's basic information.

To add Filters to any classified website, simply click on that website's name.

Then you will see a screen like this:

All the Filters that you add to this website, will be displayed inside the table you can see on the screen. Every filter can be copied, edited or removed. It's very easy to use. However if you every need any help feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

At this moment your table is probably empty because you still haven't added any filters to it. Let's go and add the first one. You can add new filter just by clicking on "New Filter" button. After you click on it, you will see the following screen.

Here you set the criteria that you want. There are few things you have to know. Make, Model, Min Year and Max Price are mandatory. Fuel, Min Price and Max Year are NOT mandatory. If you think about it it's very logical. You don't care about the minimum price or the max year of the car, right? But if you do, you can always set those.

Also, if you want to set the specific year, just set both Min Year and Max Year to the same value.

And last, by default you have to set Max price of the car. If you want to, you can set a range, both Min and Max Price.

You save Filter by clicking "Add Filter" button. If it was saved successfully you will see green message. When you are done adding filters, just press "Home", "Hide" or "Cancel" button.

If you plan on adding or modifying A LOT of filters, we suggest you do it on bigger screen, like on your PC or laptop. The bigger the screen you are working on the easier it will be. Sure you can also do it on your smartphone if you want to. See what works the best for you.

4) Download Pushover

Pushover is an application or better yet, a service, that allows you to receive Push notifications on your smartphone. You can install it on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

After you've create an AdSignal account, in the next 30 minutes ( 24h at most ) you will receive an email from Pushover. All you have to do is to open that email and click on activation link (the first link you see). It looks almost like:

You will also receive na email from AdSignal with Pushover password that you can use to login in Pushover app (phone or desktop).

Download Pushover app on your smartphone

You can download Pushover app inside Google Play Store if you are using Android device or App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad device. Or you can use links below:

Android: HERE

When you login to Pushover app for the very first time, you will be asked to assign a name to your device. You can assign any name you want.

That's all. Now you can receive Push notifications on your smartphone.

Info alert. Both AdSignal and Pushover offer you 7-day free trial period. After that period expires you will not be able to use Pushover nor AdSignal, unless you subscribe to our services.

5) Upgrade your account

When you first register at AdSignal your account will automatically be subscribed to 7-day free trial period. During that period you are able to use our service but with certain limitations. You can only use 1 classified website and add only 10 filters to it. When your trial period expires, you will stop receiving push notifications.

Once you're sure you want to use the full scope of our services you can easily upgrade your account to any plan you want. To upgrade your account visit SUBSCRIPTION page.

You are free to switch plans anytime.

6) Verify VAT ID

If you register as a business entity we suggest you to verify your VAT ID. Otherwise VAT will be applied to your charges. You can verify VAT ID here